2011. május 1., vasárnap

Blinded by light, Blessed by darkness

 Photo: Balint Barna
Stylist: Sophie Baksa
Make-up: Eszter Horvath
Model: Dani
Clothes: Dora Abodi, Raf Simons, Catwalk, Nini Nemeth, Ksubi, Cheap Monday, Daniel Benus
Sunglasses: Kokon to Zai 

2011. április 26., kedd

2011. április 21., csütörtök

Boys don't cry

 Photo: Balint Barna
 Stylist: Zsofia Baksa
 Stylist assistant: Olivia Martin
Make up: Kata Kertesz
Models: Richard at FACE, Robert at WAM Models
Clothes: Raf Simons, Daniel Benus

I'm the fuckin ANTICHRIST


Photos by: Jolijn Snijders

Model: Jakob Weichmann

2011. április 8., péntek

Sebastian and Stephan

Sebastian one of my favorite model is playing with fire in this amazing editorial. He was also interviewed by me last month. As i mentioned before i'm a big fan of black and white photography but i also love the mixture of the colors in these photos. The burning picture is just amazing. Photos by Kwannam Chu.