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Interview with Dutch male supermodel, Mark Cox

An interview with Dutch male supermodel Mark Cox ( 25 )
He is appeared several fashion magazines like GQ, L’Officiel Hommes, W Magazine.
He also worked with Calvin Klein, Gucci, Prada, Pringle of Scotland, Z Zegna.
He was also the New Face on models.com
Mark is currently ranked  the 12th successful male model by models.com TOP 50 list.

Stylecrush: Dear Mark, Could you tell our readers a little bit about yourself ?

Mark: A bit more about myself. What you see is what you get.

Stylecrush: How did the idea of modeling enter your life ?

Mark: The idea of modelling came when someone approached me while I was clubbing in a jazz pub in Amsterdam. I took the opportunity and its been the best choice of my life so far.

Stylecrush: Where are you at the moment ?

Mark: At the moment im sitting in my parents livingroom with my parents and 2 older brothers, watching one of my favorite actors Johnny Depp in the movie Blow. Definitely a must see.
Pay attention to the suits he wears in the movie.

Stylecrush: What about current jobs, editorials, advertisements ?

Mark: I just got back from a amazing editorial for Tiger Magazine it is one of my favorite shoots i've done. and can’t wait to see the results its about a British Rockstar Ian Curtis and we did a fashion video, that was my first time acting which i really loved to do.

Stylecrush: Do you enjoy working with people, who come from another corner of the World ?

Mark: It’s great to be able to work with people who have different views on life and you can learn a lot by talking with each other.

Stylecrush: How many languages do you speak ?

Mark: I speak Dutch, German, English, and busy with studying Portuguese.So 3,5 :D

Stylecrush: Do you find the fashion industry brutal at times ?

Mark: The fashion industry can be brutal, recently in the news was the anorexia campaign. The girl who shot for that campaign just passed away. That says enough i think.

Stylecrush: Name 5 people you'd love to meet, or work with.

 Mark: 5 people I would love to meet or work with are: Jimi Hendrix, Johnny Depp, Keith Richards, Barack Obama, Quentin Tarantino. I’m reading the book of Keith at the moment LIFE. I also have a Jimi Hendrix book which I’m going to read during fashionweek to kill time when im waiting at castings.


Stylecrush: Is being a model hard ?

Beeing a model can be hard. You travel a lot so you’re away from home and sometimes for long periods.
But it has so many positive points that modelling is not hard at all.

Stylecrush: What do you like most about modeling ?

Mark: Making money with something I love to do. Everyday is totally different and meeting intresting people.

Stylecrush: After finishing modeling,what do you want to be?Do you want to work for fashion industry  ?

Mark: I’m happy. I dont know what and where ill be in the future.

Stylecrush: Please, tell me about your own style !

Mark: My style: jeans, flannel shirts, boots.

Was a pleasure to answer your questions !

live life !


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