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Interview with belgian fashion photographer, Zeb Daemen

I'm also taking photos, and studying photography beside blogging. I have to say that Zeb is one of my favorite up-and-coming photographer. Just look at his works are so professional. You all know that I'm keen on Northern Europe, i just love its culture, fashion and so on so it's not so surprising if i introduce a belgian talent. These photos are really inspiring. 

Enjoy it !!! 

Stylecrush: Please, tell us a little bit about yourself !

Zeb: I'm an independent photographer from Belgium and started to photograph fashion when I got involved with students from the Antwerp Fashion Academy.
I noticed then how much clothes could make a picture more interesting.
I like Movies, going for dinner, buying magazines and have big dreams.

Stylecrush: Where do you live now ?

Zeb: I'm based in Antwerp.

Stylecrush: When did you start taking photos ?

Zeb: 5 years ago for real. But I've been taking photographs since I was 7 years old. Always had a fascination with LOOKING THROUGH A LENS.

 Stylecrush: Could you describe your style ?

Zeb: It's a mix of simplicity and story.

belgian top model Cesar Casier

Stylecrush: Is there a special thing in your life ?

Zeb: Photography... I feel very lucky I'm able to do what i love.

Stylecrush: You’re mostly taking photos about boys, why ?

Zeb: Not that I don't like photographing girls. But you have much better boys in Belgium then girls to be honest.
I also photographed them more because I like menswear, I like to make a perfect boy.
I always say to them, you should dress like this in reall life, you would look so amazing, ha ha.

Stylecrush: Do you have funny shooting story ?

Zeb: We laugh all the time on shootings. But nothing in particular.

Stylecrush: Do you have a guilty pleasure ?

Zeb: Britney Spears

Stylecrush: If you have 5 dollars, what do you buy it on ?

Zeb: gum

Stylecrush: Who is your muse model ?

Zeb: The models i work with can become my muse for a little while or just for the day. It's not all of them, just a hand full.
From the top models I like Sasha Pivovarova, Clement Chabernaud, ...and many more, It changes all the time.

Stylecrush: What do you wear on a casual day ?

Zeb: A black 'round neck' Cardigan, jeans. Brown shoes.

Stylecrush: Who is your favorite high fashion designer ?

Zeb: Dries Van Noten
Riccardo Tisci

Stylecrush: Who would like to work with ? Please, name 5 people !

Tom Ford
Grace Coddington
Nicola Formichetti
Steven Meisel
Willy Vanderperre

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