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Model thoughts: Interview with model, Sebastian Sauve

2010's latest rising star Sebastian Sauve tells about modeling and life in general !!! He's ranked in models.com TOP50 Male Supermodels list. He worked with Calvin Klein, Frankie Morello and so on. Rules the runways in Milan, Paris and New York too !!!  

Stylecrush: Could you tell us a little bit about yourself ?

Sebastian: Tall, Blonde, Blue. Likes to laugh with or at. Sports, watching, drinking, games, eating, sleeping, etc. 

Stylecrush: Why did you decide to be a model?

Sebastian: No idea. Looks like fun. Not so hard. A good thing to do giving the opportunity to do other things. Like internships and projects which are all secrete atm. 

Stylecrush: How did you feel about the first job you did as a model?

Sebastian: My first job was for Attitude magazine. It was a new faces shoot and I was one of about 10 boys who were al shot separately. I had no idea what I was doing or what was expected of me. I was taken to a location which was on a roof of a derelict building and there was a whole bunch or builders that could see me with no shirt on wearing a kilt lol. I didn’t care much tho, it made me laugh actually which wasn’t good for the shot of course. Anyway, I couldn’t figure out what to do with my face and wasn’t getting direction so i tried a bunch of different things till eventually i turned and had sun beaming in my eyes. The Photographer immediately told me to hold that face and that that was my look. It hurt my eyes like hell but I discovered my look that day and I still use the same one. I also Pretend I lost my wallet making me look a bit sad as well lol 

Stylecrush: What is your favorite part of your body ?

Sebastian: Left shoulder. It’s amazing you should see it. I think it’s safe to say, my left shoulder is my best friend in the world. Jokes. I wouldn’t know really. I suppose my massive lips make me the money in terms of modelling. If you think my lips are big though, you should see my brothers! They called him dsl in school (dick sucking lips). Lolololol i hope he doesn’t read this interview. He’d kick my ass!!

Frankie Morello Fall 2011, Milan 

Stylecrush: How are photo shoots generally directed?

Sebastian: It can really go any way. It depends on the team really. Sometimes the stylist directs the photographer and the model. Sometimes everyone is the photographers bitch and doesn’t move unless he says so. Sometime’s the model will get completely directed by other people and every inch of every pose is explained to him. Sometimes, and this is my favourite, the photographer, stylist and model all know what they’re doing and do their parts so well that they’re doesn’t need to be much directing at all. I.e. the stylest tells me what he wants (upbeat, angry, creative, etc.) the photographer takes the pictures and I move about how I feel depending on what I think will make a good picture. These are always the best shoots in my opinion. 

Stylecrush: How’s fashion shows ? How many shows will you enter in the next months ?

Sebastian: Fashion shows are a good crack. There easy-ish and although very nerve wrecking, a generally very fun experience. You get fed, you get to meet a lot of people. It’s amazing exposure and a lot of people get to see what you can do as long as you stick out of the crowd. There’s really no way of telling how many shows I’ll do though. It really depends of the brands, the clothes, and the season. What the casting directors like. There are so many variables. I hope to do 1 million shows, but realistically I would probably do half a dozen in each country, each season on average.

Stylecrush: Shoots or shows ? Why ?

Sebastian: Shoot for the above reasons. I get to do my own thing. Make it my own. Shows are generally doing the same thing. Walking forward, stopping, turning around and walking back. Not much variety. Whereas I’ve done a thousand different things in shoots. 

Stylecrush: What do you think makes you successful as a male model?

Sebastian: Don’t take it to seriously but act professional and treat it like the job that it is. Turn up on time, be polite. Meet as many people. Do the little jobs. Stay healthy, positive and upbeat. Keep at it. Ensure as much variety as you can. 

Stylecrush: Do you think there is lots of jealousy in the fashion industry about the success you've had-from the other guys?

Sebastian: Yes and no. I think most the guys don’t really care and a lot will be happy for me when I get a good job. But like any aspect of life when someone gets something good instead of you, you’ll feel a little bit jealous. It the way of life. 

Stylecrush: What's the strangest thing anyone has ever asked you to do?

Sebastian: S**k my own d**k. I’m getting closer every time I try. Just kidding, umm. I can’t think of the strangest per say. I assume we’re talking about modelling. I had to dress up as some sort of mythological boar creature once with black paint all over and roar. That was pretty strange

Stylecrush: Did you practice your walk ever?

Sebastian: Sure, every day since I first got up off my knees when I was 2 or so. I’ve been getting better ever since 

Stylecrush: What is your own style ? Favorite pieces ?

Sebastian: Smart casual, comfortable. Not into emo stuff like skinny jeans or loads of jewellery. I’ve started getting quite into shoes and jackets. I’ve got some awesome jackets now. Mostly from Zara. My favourite thing to wear is my comfy clothes. I.e. xxl sweat pants and a xxl hoody with an xxxxxl Detroit red wings jersey over. Winter socks and house shoes. Comfy clothes are the best. 

Stylecrush: Favorite food ?

Sebastian: All you can eat everything. I like all food except raw tomatoes, sardines and rocket leaves. I like massive meals that present a challenge to finish. I really like man-which’s which is everything between 2 pieces of bread. 

Stylecrush: Who is your favorite designer ?

Sebastian: Dunno. At the moment I like. Alexus Mabille, Frankie Morello and Jaremy Scott. His Adidas stuff is the best!

Stylecrush: Designer stuff or GAP ?

Sebastian: Whatever is cheaper. Gap unless its designer stuff without a name printed across the chest and it’s on sale at a charity shop, lol

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