2011. február 25., péntek

Model thougths: Mark Cox tells about Fashion Weeks

I've already done an interview with Mark last time. He is really helpful and he answered my questions again. Mark appeared in the major fashion shows in this season ( Gucci, Dolce and Gabbana, Burberry, D&G, Marc Jacobs and so on )

I asked him about fashion shows, up and coming designers, and an average day in a fashion week. 

Mark: It's great !!! There are so many creative new designers with there own idea and creations I really like Robert Geller who is a young german designer and is growing every year. He has amazing clothes..these weeks are pretty crazy workwise but that's the great thing about it cause i dont like to sit around i like to work as much i can. Last few weeks has been jobs every day almost which I'm really happy with. Even though jetlags are killing me. 
An average day is seeing clients and if not working. Specially on a fashion week you wake up around 8 and start running to about 8 castings a day which take the whole day and when fittings start you'll probably wont be home before 12 o'clock in the evening. When your done working its time to chill and relax but during the day its just going from appointment to appointment.


Marc by Marc Jacobs


Dolce and Gabbana


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