2011. február 22., kedd

Model thoughts: Interview with model, Marcel Castenmiller

I did an interview with a canadian model Marcel Castenmiller who is ranked the 14th succesful male model in the World by models.com list. He is best known for his long hair and androgynous look. He worked with  Gucci, Burberry, Hermés, Paul Smith and Anne Demeulemeester. He became the face of Kenzo and also did campaigns with Benetton, Versace and Gucci. Marcel's also interested in photography. 

Stylecrush: Can you describe yourself in 5 words ?!

Marcel: Calm, Cool and Collected. Sometimes Obsessive and Immaturely-excited.

Stylecrush: What are 5 things you can't live without ?

Marcel: Marlboro Reds, Avocados, 

Stylecrush: How did you get into modeling ?

Marcel: Introduced through Ryan McGinley.

Stylecrush: What is your favorite feature of shoots?

Marcel: Location.

Stylecrush: What do you wear on a typical day?

Marcel: black pants, black shoes, well aged t-shirt and army jacket, pea coat or leather jacket.

Stylecrush: Could you share a funny, shocking or surprising moment with us that what happened with you at a photoshoot or a show ?!

Marcel: This was when I was in Milan, and I won't be dropping any real names: I got home and my roommate 1 starts to talk about roommmate 2: "Hey Marcel, I just did a fitting with <roommate 2> and you won't believe what he did! We were at Versace and he did a walk for them in his look. They stopped him and says "Try again, a bit more relaxed" and so he does but this time his eyes tear. So they ask him "Why are you crying?" Later on he comes up to me and asks "Hey... you don't blink when you do a walk do you?" 

Stylecrush: What's your favourite song at the moment ?

Marcel: Led Zeppelin "Stairway to Heaven" 
It was just played for me at a nice time with great friends at 3am with us all exhausted on a couch. (Never played that song all the way through for myself, today I've played it three times.)


Stylecrush: Do you have any hobbies ? 

Marcel: I take photographs anywhere I go and make Zines of the pictures afterwards. I also Draw & Paint.

Stylecrush: What’s next?

Marcel: I'm going to let modeling go it's path, it's like a dog that doesn't need a leash. But my new dog needs a lease, and I'm still figuring out what breed it is. 

Most defiantly will be a creative path in fine arts, I want to avoid fashion related careers as much as possible.

Stylecrush: What are 5 things you can't live without ?

Marcel: Marlboro Reds, Avocados, Sushi, My Camera & Friends.

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